Census Methodology

Leveraging on a full digital methodology using mobile app devices, there is a major shift in the method of Census taking, which implies a change in how data on Population and Housing information are to be captured. The 2022 Population and Housing Census (PHC) methodology can be itemised as follows;
1. Assignment of Enumeration Areas by EA ID to Enumerators
2. Identification of Enumeration Areas
3. House numbering and Household Listing exercise
4. Building and Household listing Data Validation
5. Census Night
6. Enumeration
7. Data Processing
8. Data Analysis
9. Post Enumeration Survey
10. Dissemination
And a quick overview of the process will include;
1. Create a database of enumerators and distribute by EA ID from the approved list of functionaries;
2. Enumerators use EA IDs to fetch EA maps and locate the enumeration areas in actual location;
3. Use the geocodes in the maps to identify and list buildings and households therein.
4. Use Building points to fill building numbering and household listing records;
5. The data validation officers use determined parameters to check the coverage and content of the data from house numbering and household listing to pass it for enumeration.
6. Observe the census night for its unique purpose of identifying the special population like the homeless households and persons;
7. Complete questionnaires administration will be carried out on the main questionnaire for individual persons and households, while alternative enumeration methods may be used to obtain responses from hard-to-count areas of the country;
8. The retrieval of data from the servers and preparing data for analysis.
9. Analysis and dissemination of data to inform users of the data collected in phases.
10. Post Enumeration Survey will be carried out to assess the content and coverage errors in the census process
11. Dissemination and further analysis of data