Director:- Mrs. Adenike Ogunlewe


The department exists to research on various policy issues arising from the vision of the commission and to apply analytical findings to steer and or review important strategic objectives periodically to enhance the relevance of the Commission’s mandates.

Consequently, the department should ensure the use of management tools like SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) and PESTLE (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental factors) analysis to evaluate effective management of the Nigerian population.


Specifically, Planning and Research Dept will:

  • Formulate and steer research on issues relevant and appropriate to the Nigerian population.
  • Use empirical and analytical findings to achieve as well as review strategic objectives of the commission
  • Communicate complex indices of the Nigeria population and present evidence based, viable policy alternatives.
  • React quickly to policy initiatives of Government in a nearly journalistic manner on population related issues.
  • The department will regularly examine the National Population policy vis a vis the various programmes of the Commission to see if set targets are met.



This division in collaboration with the other departments of the Commission will undertake the following functions:

  • Policy, Development Plans and Capital Budget;
  • Examine and present policy initiatives to the Commission
  • Preparation of rolling,medium,and perspective plans as well as the articulation and presentation of capital budget of the Commission.
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  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Commission’s programmes, the unit will monitor and submit independent reports on the programmes of the Commission.
  • Preparation of Commission’s Quarterly and Annual Report
  • Preparation and submission of reports on the status of the various programmes of the Commission.
  • External relations with Development partners, Donor Agencies and stakeholders for technical cooperation and support.
  • Identify and source support for donor driven technical trainings
  • This Division will implement the traditional population research studies of the Commission. It will also examine the conceputalization,design and the outcome of other research programmes.The traditional population research studies include the following:
    • Sentinel Survey (SS): designed specifically to monitor the implementation of the National Population Policy for Sustainable Development. This is usually a two yearly survey.
    • Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS): designed to monitor the health and other demographic status of residents in Nigeria, usually conducted every five years.
  • Nigeria Education Data Survey (NEDS): designed to monitor and evaluate educational status of residents in Nigeria and extent of implementation of education policy of government. This is a follow survey immediately after NDHS to fill in identified gaps.
  • Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative (NURHI): designed to research and monitor contraceptive use in 6 urban slums/cities in Nigeria. A five yearly programme.
  • Nigeria Malaria Indicator Survey (NMIS): designed to measure progress towards achieving the goals and targets of massively scaling-up malaria control interventions Nigeria.
  • Compilation of lists of historical events to estimate the ages of respondents during censuses and surveys.
  • Operation of specialized population and the development of on line library
  • HIV Evaluation study (ECHRAN)
  • Annual Schools Census validation
  • Composite Education Survey
  • Research on special population: designed to document demographic and social characteristics of special population like migrant fishermen, hunters, the nomads, to assist in censuses and surveys.