General Services Department

General services department came to be on the 17th June 2019. It was carved out of Human Resources and Management Department based on the circular of 14th March, 2014 from the office of Head of service of the Federation, directing all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) to establish the General Service Department.

The department is saddled with the responsibility of handling the following key activities of the Commission:
i. Transport and logistics
ii. Utility service
iii. Store management
iv. Maintenance
v. Security
vi. Facility Management
vii. Office allocation and management
viii. Communication
• General maintenance of the office complex.
• Ensure that facilities within the premises are in good condition and functional. e.g. Commission Meeting room, Conference Hall, Parking Lot, Rest Rooms etc.
• Ensure efficient maintenance of buildings, furniture and equipment.
• Ensure that office environment is tidy i.e. supervision of cleaners, gardeners, to ensure that they discharge their duties very well.
• Handling of mails and correspondences in and outside the Commission.
• Manages the Commission’s fleet of vehicles, distribution, repairs, monitor and control of vehicles nationwide.
• Manage and coordinating movement of personnel and materials during all activities.
• Ensure that vehicles purchased meet the desired specification.
• Periodically evaluate the state or condition of vehicles and gives an update on overall performance.
• Coordinates and maintains functional telecommunication service in the Commission.
• Ensure prompt and consistent payment of all bills i.e. electricity bills, water bills, environmental sanitation bills.
• Ensures the security of the Commissions offices buildings, furniture, vehicles, and safety of the entire office environment.
• Regular monitoring of the CCC and cameras to ensure they remain functional at all times.
• Screen and monitor movements of visitors related issues in the premises.
• Allocates offices to Commission’s staff as well as staff of other agencies posted to the Commission e.g DSS, External Auditors, NIMC, NSCDS, Police, ICPC, OAGF etc.
• Ensures that all activities involved in store keeping, store control and store management are properly handled.
• Materials to work with are vital to the day to day running of the office. The General Service provides the entire staff with tools to work with.
• Ensure that the goods received from contractors are well kept and issued out to staff on request.


Ifeoma Nwajagu