Planning & Research Department

The Planning and Research Department is the think tank of the Commission. The department was created specifically to formulate and steer research on issues relevant and appropriate to the Nigerian population through empirical research and onward review of the strategic objectives of the Commission.
As the retrieval centre of information that advices the Commission on any population related programs and issues to facilitate sound and coherent population policies, the department also helps to analyze various policies based on the Commission’s vision for informed decision making.
For effective and efficient service delivery, the department is presently sub-divided into five units namely:

Monitoring and Evaluation
• Population Research
• Policy and Reports
• Record and Reports 
• Planning
• M&E of all Capital projects of the Commission
• M&E of all programmes/projects/activities implemented by the Commission
• Analyze, evaluate and report the quality of data collected during census and surveys.

Population Research:
• Undertake precision population research
• Preparation and publication of demographic monographs
• Collate information needed for efficiency research
• Undertake periodic research on special population

Policy and analysis:
• Undertake policy research and analysis for the Commission
• Revival of the drive to establish a Population Journal
• Collaboration with MDAs and other organizations on policy development

Records and Reports:
• Manage the Commission’s survey data bank
• Manage Specialized library
• Prepare the Commission’s annual/quarterly reports (Department and Units)

• Handle the technical training of the Commission on basis of bilateral and multilateral relationship with MDAs, donor agencies, academia.
• Develop the annual workplan of the entire Commission
• Organization of technical conferences and seminars
• Maintain and strengthen the relationship of the Commission with other Bodies and Agencies
• Build capacity of Planning and Research officers.

Director P&R

Hajiya Bintu Abba Ibrahim