Population Studies Department

The department is responsible for:  
• Being the knowledge hub of the NPC on population related matters;
• Teaching, training, identifying the emerging issues in population discourse in Nigeria and carry out specific researches to address them so as to ease the management of the Nigerian Population, for unity, progress and development e.g. Demographic Dividend;
• Running and maintaining a world class library and demographic database. This entails equipping and maintaining a functional library for the Commission;
• Encouraging partnership and collaboration with national and international organizations on research, training, workshops, seminars etc on issues relevant to the NPC mandate; 
• Identifying the international Centers of Excellence in Population and Demographic training along with identifying fellowship providers who would support in the capacity building of members of staff of the Commission and interested outsiders;
• Identifying potential research areas, possible sources of funding and competent resource persons;
• Taking up the task of properly orientating newly appointed Commissioners and Staff of the Population Commission on its core functions and mandate, in collaboration with relevant departments;
• Being in charge of coordinating all training in the Commission so that every report on the training thereafter should be submitted to the department for archiving;
• Handling all training outside the country;
• Sourcing resources and materials relevant to the activities of the Commission to build staff capacity.


Mrs. Patience Uju Mbagwu