Public Affairs Department

The Public Affairs Department is charged with the responsibility to inform, educate and enlighten the general public on the functions of the Commission and also to mobilize the support of key stakeholders for the smooth implementation of these functions.

The Department has the mandate to among other things:
⦁ Sensitize the public on census, vital registration, surveys and other activities of the Commission.
⦁ Maintain close and cordial working relationship with media establishments, government, population agencies and international development organizations.
⦁ Maintain a dynamic information machinery that can readily be activated for publicity purpose at National, State and Local Government levels.
⦁ Develop an information resource center and authentic source of knowledge on census and population related issues.

To effectively carry out these duties, the department is divided into 5 divisions;
⦁ Information, Education and Communication Division
⦁ Educate the general public on the activities of the Commission through workshops, symposia and lectures;
⦁ Develop and implement strategies for effective media coverage for the Commission’s activities as well as write and publish feature articles in the print media;
⦁ Speech writing, research, monitoring and evaluating all Commission’s publicity programmes;
⦁ Produce journal in liaison with input from other departments.

Advocacy Division
⦁ Carry out advocacy activities for census and other activities of the Commission;
⦁ Reach out to government officials – Ministers, Chief Executives of Government Agencies, Boards and Parastatals;
⦁ Elicit support from members of the National Assembly, State Governors and other functionaries at the State level, State House of Assembly, Traditional Rulers, members of the organized private sector;
⦁ Elicit support and commitment from donor agencies, other international agencies and organizations.

Community and Field, Mobilization Division
⦁ Set up publicity committees in the State and Local Government;
⦁ Carry out publicity activities at State and Local Government levels;
⦁ Organize talk shows, lectures, symposia, rallies etc on the Commission’s activities;
⦁ Direct and co-ordinate the activities of State publicity as well as Local Government Publicity Committees;
⦁ Monitor and evaluate PAD activities in the State and LGAs.

Public Relations and Protocol Division
⦁ Organize passages (hotel accommodation and airport reception) for Chairman, Honourable Federal Commissioners, Director-General and visitors of the Commission;
⦁ Receive foreign visitors on behalf of the Commission and look after their welfare as may be directed by the Commission;
⦁ Obtain visa, passport and other traveling documents for Commission’s staff on foreign assignment;
⦁ Organize exhibitions, shows, trade fairs etc and other public events on the activities of the Commission.

Publicity and Survey Division
⦁ Identify issues for publicity and advocacy at the various stages of Commission’s activities;
⦁ Produce and distribute publicity and public enlightenment materials;
⦁ Serve as secretariat for National Census Publicity Committee and Commission’s Public Affairs Committee
⦁ Co-ordinate the departmental surveys and public opinions of the Commission.

The Public Affairs seeks to be a virile centre for publicity on population related issues; develop and implement strategies for efficient and effective publicity in mobilizing support for the Commission’s activities.

As the Commission prepares to conduct the 2022 Population and Housing Census, the Department, in line with its mandate will embark on various publicity and advocacy programmes for its success. This is necessary, to create enough public awareness and elicit the cooperation and support of key stakeholders.

The following activities have therefore, been lined up:
⦁ Establishment of census publicity committee at national, state and local government levels;
⦁ Organize workshops for journalists, media editors, civil society organizations, to gain their support;
⦁ Intensify campaign across the rural community through community sensitization workshops, market rallies, street to street campaigns, public enlightenment rallies, write messages on strategic public buildings; participation at international trade fairs and exhibitions, sponsor short messages on GSM networks, census hotlines;
⦁ Organize media briefings/press conferences for the Chairman, Commissioners, Director-General, Directors;
⦁ Participate in radio and television talk shows, phone-in programmes, weekly updates, run census jingles in different Nigerian local languages, place adverts on countdown to census;
⦁ Production and distribution of handbills, flyers, pamphlets, stickers on key information about the census 2022 and;
⦁ Embark on advocacy visits to key stakeholders; Governors of the 36 States, prominent traditional rulers, head of security agencies
⦁ Activation and operation of social media platforms and website to promote and educate the populace on the 2022 Census activities
⦁ Annual commemoration of National Census Day to sensitize the nation on the need to conduct census regularly
⦁ Conduct Rapid Research Result on Census Attitudes and Awareness to generate appropriate indicators on Attitudes and Awareness on 2022 Census.
All these activities are geared up towards ensuring a conducive atmosphere for the smooth conduct of the census 2022 and its acceptability.


Isiaka Yahaya, PhD