Special Duties Department

Special Duties Department is charged with following responsibilities;
1. Assisting the Director-General to provide line supervision and general management to all staff of the office of the Chairman;
2. Executes assigned projects for the Director-general;
3. Manages assigned direct reporting units on behalf of the Director-General e.g Anti-Corruption and Transparency Unit (ACTU) stock verification;
4. Assists the Director-General as required to formulate and articulate his/her leadership agenda for the ministry;
5. Provide support in time of leadership transition in the commission;
6. Manages high-level stakeholders’ access to the Director-General;
7. Help the Director-General manage his/her schedule to ensure that his/her activities follow espoused priorities;
8. Coordinates the Director-General response to emergencies;
9. Schedule all staff meetings and briefings involving the Director-General;
10. Coordinate the daily briefing sessions of the Director-General official schedule;
11. Represent the Director-General in certain functions; and
12. Coordinate the activities of the data processing centers.


Hussaini Alhaji Isiyaku