Vital Registration Department

The Department has within its purview, the implementation of the statutory functions of the Commission of ensuring the establishment and maintenance of a machinery for continuous and universal registration of births, deaths and Stillbirths throughout the Federation and the collection, collation, analysis, publication and dissemination of data and migration statistics. The responsibilities of the department include;

  • To establish a machinery for continuous registration of births, deaths and marriages on a continuous basis throughout the country; Design, produce and issue birth/death certificates, and attestation letters, as well as proper documentation and review of same overtime for reference
  • Continuous Training of field staff and ensure Quality control of data generated from the vital registration project.
  • Data analysis, production of tables and Preparation of materials for quarterly publication of vital registration statistics.
  • Liaise with stakeholders and end users of vital statistics for improvement in the vital statistics data analysis.
  • To design, produce and distribute migration (arrival and departure) cards to all the international border posts (seaports, airports, etc.) of the country as well as retrieval,
  • Classification and analysis of migration data according to the status of migrants on quarterly basis.
  • Planning and conducting of internal migration surveys at regular intervals.
  • Further processing and analysis of migration data on quarterly basis for publication of migration statistics and dissemination of same.

Liaison with stake holders and users of migration statistics for improvement on data collection procedures and analysis methodologies

The process of civil registration data gathering has been through analogue method involving the use of paper documentation. Currently the Department is migrating from the analogue method of using paper to digital method. The digitization and automation process are planned to take off in phases. The first phase kick started at one registration center in each of the 774 Local Government Areas of the Federation. To achieve this, the Commission procured 774 PDAs for 774 registrars, Laptops and Generating sets for 774 LGAs in Nigeria as part of the takeoff in the year 2020. The department had equally trained all the Deputy Chief registrars and Registrars for the selected registration centres for CRVS digital data capturing in the 774 registration centers across the States and in all the 132 registration centers in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja. As the department receives fund, it will continue to scale up digital CRVS data capturing until all the registration centers in the 36 states and FCT is fully digitized and automated. This project is capital intensive and will require acquisition of more PDAs, Printers, Generators, Servers and its component, including internet connectivity and building capacity of all the registrars.


Mr.Temidayo Sunday Mathew