To ensure that proceedings of the Commission are accurately and objectively recorded and that information and documents of the Commission are secured.


  • To cover and service Meetings of the Commission;
  • To ensure that decisions of the Commission are complied with and implemented
  • Provide secretariat services for the entire Commission;
  • Coordinate meetings and activities of Commission’s Standing Committees
  • Keep custody of all Proprietary Documents and Records of the Commission
  • To cater for the general welfare of Members


  • The Secretariat of the Commission is located in the Chairman’s office and reports directly to the Commission through the Chairman.
  • The Secretariat is headed by the Secretary to the Commission as statutorily provided for in the Act of the Commission

Commission’s Secretariat is responsible for:

  • Preparing Agenda for Meetings of the Commission in consultation with the Chairman
  • Servicing the Commission’s Meetings
  • Recording Proceedings of Meetings
  • Preparing and Circulating Minutes of Meetings
  • Issuing Extracts on Conclusions of Meetings to ensure compliance and implementation of decisions of the Commission
  • Providing a conducive environment for Meetings of the Commission

Recommendations for the New Commission:


oPlenary Meetings should be held once a month to take decisions on matters arising from Standing Committees and to receive reports from the Committees

oMonthly Meetings would help to make all Committees to be active and alive to their responsibilities

oMonthly Meetings would enable all Members to be aware and abreast of activities in the Commission irrespective of the Committee in which they are serving

Recommendations for the New Commission:


oThere is need to develop rules of proceedings for Meetings of the Commission. An Ad-hoc Committee could be constituted to generate the rules.

oDiscussions at Meetings should be structured based on well articulated and written Memorandum from either the Chairman or Standing Committees. Members may bring up issues for discussion under Other Matters Arising.

oDiscussions based on Memorandum would facilitate systematic decision making and proper recording and referencing of decisions of the Commission

oSecretaries of Standing Committees would be trained on writing of memorandum to the Commission.

oAttendance at Meetings of the Commission should be regulated to enhance free flow of discussion and confidentiality.

The Secretariat is to coordinate activities of Standing Committees by:

oMaking budgets for activities and meetings of Standing Committees and Ad-hoc Committees of the Commission

oProcessing requests for funds for activities of the Committees

oTraining and Offering professional advice to the Secretariat of Standing Committees.

oFurnishing, Equipping and Ensuring Proper maintenance of Committee Rooms

oCommission is requested to discuss whether or not to rent additional office space for Standing Committees

The Secretariat is to ensure that Members welfare are well catered for.

Specifically the Secretariat would:

oInitiate sourcing of funds for provision of security officers for Members as provided for in their condition of service

oFollow-up on the request for funds for payment of Members’ 1st 28 Days allowance

oEnsure timely payment of Members emoluments and allowances.

oFollow-up on payment of Outstanding DTA of former Members of the Commission.

Under the Act of the Commission, the Secretariat may be given any ad-hoc assignment in addition to its statutory functions.

One such assignment given to the Commission is the provision of  Secretariat and Administrative back-up  for the defence of the result of the 2006 Census result at the Tribunals.

Specifically the Secretariat :

  • Serves as Secretary to the 2 main Census Defence Committees
  • Facilitates procurement and reproduction of documentary evidence
  • Certifies all the documents of the Commission to be tendered at the Tribunals
  • Processing payment of professional fees of Defence Counsel

The involvement of  the Secretariat in the Defence of the Census Result at the Tribunals was informed by factors that include the following:

  • The Secretariat had played a similar role in the defence of the 1991 Census Result at the Tribunal
  • The Secretariat had developed the capacity to handle the reproduction of documents on the scale required in the census defence process more so that the Secretariat is the statutory custodian of Commission’s documents.
  • The need to house the defence process in the Commission since the Legal Adviser is on posting from outside of the Commission
  • Coordination of officers involved in the defence process, especially the Administration Officers/Lawyers who played leading roles in the defence of the 1991 Census result at the Tribunals.
  • Certification of all documents of the Commission to be tendered at the Tribunals