I am pleased to welcome distinguished gentlemen of the press to this briefing on the commencement of the Trial Post Enumeration Survey (PES) which is part of the preparation for the conduct of the first fully digital census in Nigeria in April 2023. Let me like always, express the profound gratitude of the National Population Commission to the distinguished Members of the NPC Press Corps for the robust and professional manner they have consistently covered the activities of the Commission and disseminated information and educated the general public especially on the 2023 Population and Housing Census. Your incisive reporting of census preparatory activities so far has placed the 2023 Census at the center of national discourse thereby mobilizing Nigerians for its successful conduct. As the Commission takes the next crucial steps toward the 2023 Census, the Commission will continue to count on this enduring collaboration and partnership with the Nigerian media. 

The Post Enumeration Survey (PES) is a statistically representative survey that the National Population Commission will use to check the accuracy of the Trial Census conducted in July 2022. The PES will allow the commission to determine how many people were missed, included by mistake, or counted in the wrong place.

The conduct of the Trial PES is an integral part of the preparatory activities for the conduct of a successful census in 2023. The Commission is placing premium importance on this exercise. As you know, a Population census is the official enumeration of all persons in a country at a specific time. This encompasses the collection, compilation, evaluation, analysis, publication and dissemination of demographic, social and economic statistics relating to the population. 

However, errors are inevitable in a large-scale data collection exercise such as a Census. Errors can arise from many sources in the conduct of the census, especially in field data collection and processing procedures. Census designs can also be a source of error by introducing measurement errors through wrong questionnaires, instructions, training materials, and procedures for data collection. The PES, therefore, has been designed to redress these possible errors in the census process. The results of the comparison are mainly used to measure coverage and content error in the context of the census. 

This Trial PES exercise is in line with the United Nations Principles and Recommendations for Population and Housing Censuses. It gives credibility to the census results and engenders confidence and acceptability of the census by data users. 

The objectives of this Trial PES are; 

  • To measure Coverage error due to either under‐coverage or over‐coverage of persons and in some cases households/housing units in the Trial Census.

● To determine content errors through measuring levels of agreement in responses to questions on selected characteristics, such as sex, age, marital status, relationship to reference person or head of household 

● To identify procedural and conceptual limitations in the Census which need improvement in future Censuses and large‐scale surveys and  

● To provide a statistical basis for adjustment of Trial Census results based on net coverage rates. 

To achieve the outlined objectives of the PES, the Commission has constituted an independent Team and saddled it with the responsibility of preparing and conducting the 2023 PES which will take place shortly after the conduct of the 2023 digital Population and Housing Census. 

In its bid to strive for demographic excellence, the Commission has spared no expense in the training and equipping of its ranks with the necessary knowledge and skills to undertake the 2023 PES. To this end, the Commission has painstakingly selected and trained PES Enumerators and other PES Functionaries in 6 LGAs of the 6 States where the PES is to take place. The training was rigorous with an intended high-quality output from the personnel and the adoption of the slogan, “Zero Tolerance for Error,”

The Trial PES will be carried out from 18th to 29th October 2022 and will be conducted in 127 Enumeration Areas in one (1) LGA in one (1) State in each of the Six (6) geo-political Zones as follows:

S/No.Number of EAsLGAState Zone
120ToungoAdamawa                North East
233Idemili South             AnambraSouth East
323BrassBayelsaSouth South
415DauraKatsina  North West
521KaruNasarawa                                 North Central
615Imeko-Afon               Ogun             South West

During the exercise, Enumerators will move around in the selected Enumeration Areas numbering houses and enumerating members of households in the Enumeration Area. In some cases, the visit of the PES Enumerator to a household can be more than once for verification of data collected.

Let me at this juncture reiterate the commitment of the National Population Commission to conduct a credible and reliable census whose result will be planning tool for national development through rigorous planning and use of International best practices at every stage of the process. I wish to therefore appeal to Nigerians to join the Commission to bequeath to our dear country a demographic data that will be used to navigate through the myriad of challenges confronting her today. I wish to put it on record that our population remains the greatest asset in national development and it must be harnessed to make life worth living for our people. 

The cooperation and support of all stakeholders and general public is vital for the successful conduct of the Trial PES. Consequently, the Commission has put in place elaborate arrangements for advocacy and publicity. The convening of this press briefing which will be replicated in the 6 states in which the Trial PES will be conducted is one component of the advocacy and publicity drive. Other activities to be implemented are advocacy visits by Honourable Federal Commissioners in their respective states, Town Hall meetings with key stakeholders, field sensitization and face to face communication in the selected areas, production and airing of jingles on radio and television at the states level as well as participation in radio and television programmes.

I wish to conclude by restating that, getting the 2023 Population and Housing Census right is a task that must be done. The Commission is committed to ensuring that everything about the census is done rightly and professionally. We have the clear vision, commitment and professional capacity to deliver on this historic mandate. 

It is on this note that I, formally flag off the commencement of the Trial PES in the selected 6 states in the 6 geopolitical zones of the federation.

You Count. Be Counted

I thank you for your kind attention. 

Hon Nasir Isa Kwarra,


National Population Commission

Chairman, National Population Commission, Hon. Nasir Isa Kwarra briefing the media on the commencement of the Trial Post Enumeration Survey (PES) at the Commission’s Headquarters, Abuja

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