Cartography Department

Cartography Department is one of the cores technical Departments in NPC. The Department undertakes all mapping aspects of the Commission’s activities. This involves the provision of geo-spatial resources for collection, analysis and dissemination of data from Censuses and Surveys. The Department also supports other Departments to fully utilize the visualization capabilities of maps in disseminating information.

The major mandate of the Department is to prepare and maintain a national framework for censuses and sample surveys. This mandate cuts across all the Divisions of the Department, including the following activities:
• Maintenance of National Geographic Sampling frame used for Censuses and Surveys by the Commission, Ministries, NGOs, etc.
• Creation of geo-coding system for all Census administrative levels e.g., States, LGAs, etc.
• Identification and authentication of localities for gazetteer of place names processes.
• Organization of efficient storage, retrieval and working systems of spatial data.

Staff of the Department are professionals in Geographic Information System (GIS), Cartography, Geography, Urban and Regional Planning, Surveying and other related fields.


Prince Joseph Ogunsina