Finance & Accounts Department


• Finance & Accounts Department is a service department saddled with the responsibilities of sourcing for funds, disbursement of the funds and rendering timely financial reports to the Office of the Accountant – General of the Federation [OAGF].
• Finance & Accounts Department is responsible for planning, sourcing, organizing and controlling capital resources of the Commission.
• They also provide decision information. From time to time, the Commission requires the Finance and Accounts Department to provide financial or accounting information when making certain Commission’s policies.

Financial Controls:

The Department also has a responsibility to improve the financial controls of the Commission, thereby reducing waste and limiting unnecessary expenditures due to scarcity of resources of the Federal Government of Nigeria.
Support Accounting:
Since the Finance and Accounts Department oversees the accounting functions of the Commission, it carries out corrective measures or makes suggestions that can improve the accounting information to attract financing from the Federal Government, Corporate bodies and other external Donor Agencies.
• Partnering with other Departments of the Commission to produce results that are essential for achieving our statutory objectives as custodians and disbursers of organization’s resources.
• Ensuring timely and Accurate Implementation of Accounting and Financial Reporting system using latest computer – based Data Analysis and related applications.
• Ensuring that appropriate Accounting Standards are maintained.


Clement N. I. H. Ezego