The Internal Audit will strive to render an efficient and effective Internal Audit Service to the Commission towards ensuring stewardship accounting.


Internal Audit Unit is to protect and safeguard the assets  National Population Commission in Seven Hundred and Seventy-Four (774) Local Government Areas, Thirty-Six  (36) States and Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by.

  • Attestifying to revenues generated on behalf of Federal Government and it deposit in to proper account in the accredited banks.
  • Ascertaining that proper spending were authorised by the Orthodox authorities e. Director-General and the Chairman of the Commission.
  • To ensure that accounting records of the Commission are accurate.
  • Review of work plan as to meet up the overall mission of the Commission on quarterly basis.
  • The Unit will ensure whether the activities and programmes are conducted in an effective, efficient and economic manner and compliance with the requirements of applicable laws regulations and or circulars.
  • To make sure that a good system for the control and collection of revenue is adequate and all monies received is accurately brought to account under the correct heads and sub heads.
  • To promote cost-effective best control practices in the Commission, i.e. value for money.
  • To provide Management reasonable assurance that Internal Controls are adequate to safeguard the assets and ensure accuracy of financial information.
  • To provide timely and value added advisory services to the Board and Management.
  • To provide independent review and investigation of allegation of improper governmental activity.
  • Carry-out Post Auditing on Assets of the Commission Nationwide i.e. 36 States of the Federation, Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and 774 Local Government Areas.
  • A system for the control of the issue and consumption of stores is adequate that all issues are properly authorized, and that adequate stores records are maintained.

(i)      The overall goal of the Unit is to ensure compliance with  Management Policies, Financial regulations, circulars and extant rules.

(ii)     To produce quality monthly, quarterly and half yearly report to the  accounting officer on the progress of the audit with copies to the Accountant-General of the Federation and Auditor General for the Federation.

(iii)    Periodically carryout verification of all assets and equipment  in    States  and Local Governments to ensure that all rules and regulations governing the public funds are adhered to.

(iv)    Issue properly documented query on payments vouchers and  receipts which failed to meet up or comply with financial standards.

(v)     To ensure value for money on every items of expenditure and guide against unreasonable or extravagant expenditure.

(vi)    To appraise the economy of resources utilization (i.e. physical monetary and most importantly staff).

  • To review operations or programme for consistency in compliance with established Management goal and objective.
  • To assist Commission in the effective and successful performance of their responsibilities by providing them with analysis, appraisal, recommendation and other pertinent information.
  • Observation: The Auditor witness the performance of the function of the Commission as evidence of performance.
  • Inspection: This is the review or examination of records, documents or assets with a view to ascertaining certain facts about them.
  • Enquiry: Requesting evidence on knowledgeable and competent person in and outside the Organisation.
  • Computation: This entails the Auditor carrying out independent calculation to check the arithmetical accuracy of the accounting returns.
  • Analytical Review: This consists of the Auditor review figures and rates on Financial Statements to check the fairness of items or the need for additional explanation for unusual features in the account.
  1. Specifically, we will ensure:-
  • That all moneys are spent for the purpose they are meant for.
  • The exposure of all misappropriation of funds, falsification and theft cases.
  • That all store items are taken on-charge before distribution to various Departments and Units who need them.
  • That all revenue collected are accounted for and properly documented and reported.
  • Continuous inspection tour to the 774 Local Government Areas, FCT and the 36 States of the Federation.
  • Ensure that proper records of receipts and expenditure of Third Party’s Account i.e. UNICEF, MDG, States and Local Government Support, UNFPA and other Development Partners.