To entrench justice and fairness through adherence to the rule of law regardless of tribe, religion, status, gender or personal interest and rekindle hope and confidence in the system.


To ensure compliance with all legal instruments upon which the Commission is founded and embark on legislation reforms that will enhance better performance and the achievement of it goals.


  1. Pursue the amendments of the various enactments on Population matters with a view of strengthening same for the achievement of the Commission’s objectives;
  2. Broaden its scope of activities by synergising with other Department so as to manage effectively the demands from various levels of the Commission;

iii.      Create an effective and efficient workforce for the purpose of achieving (ii) above.

  1. Pursue vigorously all litigation and adjudicatory matters;
  2. Maintain a functional and well equipped law library.
  3. Provide timely and un-biased legal advice and advocacy.


(i)      Providing legal advice to the Chairman and the Commission on legal issues.

(ii)      Defending and representing the Commission in legal matters.

(iii)     Undertaking Prosecution of Cases.

(iv)    Drafting, vetting and interpretation of legal instruments.

(v)     Partaking in ad hoc activities as may from time to time be assigned to it by the Commission.

(vi)    Conducts searches for the Commission.

(vii)    Administration of oath of secrecy to staff and functionaries employed by the Commission.

(viii)   Law/legislation reforms.