Population Institutes

Director:- Mrs. Patience Mbagwu



  • In line with the Strategic Architecture of NPopC, the Population Institute/Universities shall be the intellectual power house for the realization of the overall vision and mandate of the commission and the capacity building hub for Population and Demographic studies in the African sub-region.                                  MISSION
  • To accelerate the process of establishing a National Population Institute for the Commission.
  • To access the professional and technical expertise available in the Nigerian Universities for the achievement of the goals and objectives of the Commission.
  • To take advantage of the latest intellectual, scientific and technical innovations available in International Centers of Excellence in Population and Population related activities. For the growth and development of the National Population Commission.
  • To sponsor researches to address the management of the Nigerian population.
  • To conserve foreign exchange and be a major revenue earner for the Commission, through training of nationals and foreigners in population and population related fields.


  • The overall goal of the Population Institute/Universities is to make every critical activity of NPopC knowledge driven.       OBJECTIVES
  • To identify the site and ensure that the cost of establishing a National Population Institute. is contained in the  National budget.
  • To ensure that the crafting of the detailed curriculum of the Institute commences.
  • To commence the identification of the core staff of the Institute immediately.
  • To immediately commence the identification of the national and international institutions with which the institute shall need collaboration in the achievement of its mandate.
  • To immediately commence the identification of at least one University in each geo-political Zone of Nigeria which is currently a known center of excellence in Population and Development and Demographic studies for the training of the staff of the Commission and also for research collaborations and out sourcing of resource persons/consultants.
  • To immediately identify the international Centers of Excellence in Population and Demographic training and fellowship providers to build the capacities of the Commission’s staff.
  • To identify beginning from 2012, the flash points in population discourse in Nigeria and carry out specific researches to address them so as to ease the management of the Nigerian Population, for unity, progress and development.
  • To ensure the take off of the National Population Institute by the end of 2014 so as to conserve foreign exchange currently being expended in overseas training of our staff and to earn same for the Commission, through the training and certification of foreign nationals in Population and Population and Development as well as Demographic studies.                                                                                            DELIVERY STRATEGIES
  • To build a national Population Institute that can compete with the best in the World in all ramifications.
  • To set minimum standards for the selection of commission’s staff for training at home and abroad.
  • To propose appropriate Honouraria/per-diem for consultants, resource persons and our staff, on seminars, workshops, training e.t.c in line with global best practices.
  • To organize a curriculum conference to design the curriculum for the Institute.
  • To commence the production of a directory of all national and international institutions that are known Centers of Excellence in Population and Population related studies.
  • To endow a chair each in at least one University in each of the geo- political Zones in Nigeria where Population Institutes exist and to collaborate actively with them for the training of the Commission’s staff and for research and publication activities.
  • To establish a World class Research Population Library in the National Population Institute for use by scholars and researchers.
  • To organize a conference on identified population flash points in Nigeria and invite patriotic and objective scholars and public spirited Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora and from the International Communities to address the issues, through paper presentations and symposia.
  • To periodically make a table of advertised relevant national and international Population and Population related seminars, conferences, workshops e.t.c and recommend staff that should attend, ensuring equity, fairness and value to the Commission.
  • To build a website for the Institute to engage the World and especially the World’s leading experts in the field of Population and Development as well as Demographic studies.
  • Linkage with development partners.                    STRUCTURE
  • This department envisages the establishment of the National Population Institute. When this happens, it is conceived that the Commission will address its structure and organogram in line with world best practices.
  • For running the Population Institute/Universities as crafted in the Commission’s organogram, it is proposed that it runs as a department because of the depth of activities listed. A Director is therefore imperative, with his deputies and other levels of staff.